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I had for the first time a few month ago wrote about what happened to us on holiday on a nudist beach and it gave me such a thrill so when this happened i just had to send it in and see if it got the same effect on me and others that commented on it.

We had been out for dinner with a coupe of friends Jill was looking her sexy self nice blouse and skirt not to short and i was telling her all night how sexy she looked we all had a lot to drink and the chat got a bit near the bone at times we all had said that we liked watching porn and enjoyed it and gave us all ideas, after we finished dinner our friends wanted to go to a club for a dance we told them we were just going home as i had a early start on the way home we chatted about what had been said about watching porn videos and how we enjoyed them and Jill said it was me that like them the most.

When i suggested it was more her than me and that it was her that got the horniest when watching them, just then i noticed we were passing one of the seedy cinemas and said ok lets see who gets horniest first and before we gave it much thought I had bought two tickets and went into this tiny cinema it was dark and so small and Jill said look it is all men in here maybe not such a good idea.

I said so you admit it is you that likes them the most and are scared you will get to horny she said ok lets see but lets sit away from them.

there was about 6 or 8 guys sitting watching the movie when we sat down and looked at what was on it was one female and three guys, i kept saying bet you would like that jill said look that guy keeps looking over at us I told her that it was because she was the only female when she looked around and saw that she said she wanted to leave as the guy at the end of the row had his cock out now and was playing with himself.

I said it was because he was getting horny looking at the film and so was I she said that all the guys seemed to be looking at us not the film I was trying to get her to concentrate on the film and get her horny and told her to forget them and enjoy the film I was rubbing her tits and noticed that her nipples were really hard i told her that if she just gives me a quick wank we could go as i was so horny.

She said they are all watching I told her i dont care if they are and opened a couple of her blouse buttons she said ok then we go i unzipped my fly and she got hold of me I was watching what the guy at the end of the row was doing he had moved about 4 seats away and still had his cock in his hand I flicked jills bra strap of her shoulder along with her blouse I told her she looked more sexy than the girl in the film she told me that there was a guy sitting a couple of seats away with his cock out I said there was one sitting at the other side of her the same and said can i let them see me feel one of your tits she just squeezed my cock so hard i took that for a yes and pulled her bra down she let out a gasp.

I was so far gone i never even noticed the guy had moved into the seat right next to Jill I had both of her tits out and had my hand up her skirt you could see her pants jill said no we better go they are to close I told her we can go if she takes her pants off and hands them to the guy next to her.

Jill looked at me and said you are just like them a real pervert and pulled her skirt right up pulled her pants down handed to the guy beside her and said would my husband want you to have them then asked if he liked what he saw on the screen or here beside him best and sat with er legs wide open, he told her no contest as he could smell her like she was on heat with that she got up and said lets go you have had your fun with her tits still hanging out she turned round and let everyone there get a good look at her as we past the guy i saw he put his hand right up Jills skirt and then shot his load it went all over the place on jills skirt and her legs she seemed to get a fright but hardly moved while he seemed to gush for ages.

I pushed jill as i thought she was about to sit down on him and it brought her round we got out quickly with jill pulling her bra and fastening her blouse.

When we got home we could not keep our hands of each other it was one of the best sex we ever had and we both agreed Jill asked me if i would have let any of the guys touch her like the female in the film I told her they could have stripped her naked if she has wanted them to we fucked on and of all night talking like that it was so much better than just watching porn video’s

One more thing that has happened to us.

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