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Fun on a long haul flight


Samantha had been having a lot of erotic dreams lately, dreams of hot sex. Maybe it had been all the stress and excitement of moving to Canada, dreams can sometimes be a form of stress release.

In her dream she was on her way to Quebec, the long haul flight half way to its destination. The cabin lights were out and almost all the passengers of the half full plane were sleeping. The only sounds were the gentle drone of the engines and the intermittent snores. One of those snoring was her husband Carl, who sat to her right with his blanket pulled up to his chin. To the right of him lay their two month old baby daughter fast asleep in her special cradle. To the left of Samantha was a businessman is his early forties. Earlier they had chatted over dinner and he had told her that he was an advertising executive for a bank and was on his way to Quebec to take up a new post. He was tall and handsome and that glint in his eye told her that he was interested in her.

In her dream she had fallen asleep and his hand had slipped under her blanket to fondle her through her slacks. At first his touch was light as his fingers traced the outline of her vagina and then they began to press into her opening. She found herself instinctively parting her legs to allow his fingers greater access and he responded by pressing harder against her. She could feel her cotton panties touching her warm moist flesh as his fingers began rubbing her rhythmically. It wasn’t long before she found herself responding to his movements by pushing her mound against his hand. She also found herself softly moaning.

When his hand moved to the top button of her slacks she found herself pulling her stomach muscles in to allow him access and it was then that she realised that this wasn’t a dream. Samantha opened her eyes as the button popped open. Everything was real; the cabin dimly lit; the sleeping passengers; her sleeping husband and baby; everything, it was all real. So was the hand that was slipping inside the waistband of her panties. a voice whispered… “relax”.

His fingers made contact with her pussy lips. A stranger’s fingers were touching her intimately; probing her; violating her, as her husband slept next to her. She knew that she should cry out; she knew that she should be pushing his hand away but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She was sexually aroused and instead she found herself stroking his hand under the blanket, giving him that signal of approval. He responded by slipping two fingers deep inside her.

Samantha groaned softly as she felt her wetness rush to meet his thrusting. It had been years since another man had touched her so intimately. In fact it had taken almost two months of dating before she had let Carl get his hand inside her knickers. But this man, this stranger whom she had known for just a few hours, was masturbating her. She pulled the blankets to her mouth and began biting on her fingers to stop herself from crying out in ecstasy as she felt herself starting to orgasm. It was also difficult stopping herself from thrusting against him. Samantha was not only very vocal when she was cumming she was also very active. She was never one to just lie back silent and still.

With his fingers thrust harder and faster inside her and the palm of his hand pressed against her clitoris she was screaming inside. When her climax finally came it was a relief, not just as a release from sexual tension, but also as a release from agony of holding back. She could not have held out any longer and her fingers were very painful from the biting.

For a few minutes, after his hand was withdrawn, she sat back breathing heavily as she recovered and regained her composure. It was only when she fastened her slacks up that she turned and looked at him. He smiled as she mouthed a ‘thank you’ to him before leaving for the toilet to freshen up. As she opened the door after finishing she suddenly found him standing there and before she knew it the door had closed behind them. They stood facing each other for a few moments, as if waiting to see what each other’s reaction would be, then he moved forward to kiss her. She didn’t want to take it any further, for her full sex was out of the question but she knew that he was aroused and she felt she owed him a debt of gratitude. Gently pushing him back she reached down for his trouser belt.

He was quick to realise that this was as far as she wanted to take it and so he stood back and allowed her to loosen his trousers and taken down his briefs. Samantha was surprised at his size. It was bigger than Carl’s and under different circumstances she might well have been tempted to let him fuck her, but now was not the time or place. As she gripped his shaft and began moving her hand backwards and forwards she thought back to her teen days when she used to masturbate her boyfriends in the earlier stages of her relationships. She had never been one to fuck on her first date and would spend weeks getting to know her boyfriends intimately before having full sex with them. Some would never last the course but those that stayed the distance used to compliment her on her hand jobs. Samantha loved to look at their faces as they became more and more aroused. The grimaces and facial contortions as they approached their climaxes excited her. It was almost as if they were in agony and in the throes of some tortuous event. Then would follow the sighs and the moans, followed by the groans, that grew louder and louder to a crescendo as they climaxed.

This stranger was no exception. She looked up at him as he leant back against the sink, eyes closed, face distorted and groaning softly as her hand moved backwards and forwards. She could tell from the droplets of pre-cum forming on his large purple tip that he was already very aroused.

“Bet you’d like to fuck me wouldn’t you?” she whispered teasingly, as her hand strokes increased.

“Ooooh yes,” he groaned.

“Bet you would like to have this thick cock inside me wouldn’t you?”

“Please,” he begged.

“Bet you’d like to stretch my tight pussy wouldn’t you?” she whispered in his ear again.

“Yes ooh yes,” he moaned.

“Bet you’d like to fill my pussy with your cum wouldn’t you?” she said as felt his cock jerk.

“Yes,” he groaned as started to come.

Samantha smiled as his cock began squirting out his hot cum. “That’s good,” she said as she started to slow down her hand movements. “Come on, let’s have every little last drop!” she said as he groaned uncontrollably.

For a few moments she held on to him as he gathered his composure and the last droplets of his cum trickled from his cock. Then she reached for the tissues and wiped his cock and her hand. As she reached for the tap to wash her hands he leant over and kissed her. “Fuck, I needed that. Thank you,” he sighed. Samantha said nothing and just smiled as she tossed the paper towel into the waste bin before quickly slipping out of the door and going back to her seat to snuggle up to her husband.

A few hours they had touched down at Quebec airport. As she reached up to help Carl retrieve their belongings from the overhead lockers the stranger reached forward. “Here let me help you,” he said.

Samantha smiled and Carl thanked him. “It’s my pleasure,” he replied. “I always like to give a helping hand!”

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