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My First Time


I met a girl online after a night out we hit it off we met in a park two days later now calling are selves boyfriend and girlfriend she was bitin on her lower lip as she took me by the hand to a patch of grass in the sun
i started kissing her i slided my hand under her top and was feeling her breasts she was quick to act shy saying no i asked her for some where more private we moved up to where people could not see and this time i unbuttoned her pants and start rubbing her clit she
stopping kissing me as she started breathing slowly and loudly she put her hand in my boxers and wrapped her fingers around my cock
she whispered in my ear fuck me i want ye come on fuck me she took a thight hold of my cock and balls and took me to some bushes i took down my bottoms n she dropped her jeans and soaken white pants to her knees i turned her around and shoved it in her arse she howled sayin wait i dont like that but i was busy i continued till she was begging me to give her it hard i turned her around and rammed it in her soaken fanny she was nibbling my ear and whispering harder ah harder ah in my ear
but my cock failed he fell to a flop i was embarassed,humilated and ashamed but she was okay with it later we lay there talking she was resting on my chest  i whispered just follow me into her ear i pulled down her jeans and pants she was in shock i was so agressive i stuck it in an rested a foot on each shoulder her jeans behind my head i took all my earlier frustration out on her and she loved her juices were rolling down my balls sweat down my back my t-shirt stuck to my back she started gasping sayind oh ur hurting me i stopped she screamed keep going i pulled out grabbed her hair pulled her face up slapped her with my cock i came all over her mouth then got head i was loving the feeling of her lips on my numb helmet we broke up a few days later but months later we both remembered this.

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well its me thats my first time writing about one of my experiences

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