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Public sex in the Dunes


We have just come back from a holiday in Gran Canaria. I am Jack and my wife is Carol. We are both fifty and decided to celebrate by having a winter sun holiday. I had read up about the Maspalomas Dunes and fancied doing a bit of naked sunbathing. Carol told me she would only go topless. We arrived at our hotel, staying half board. The next day we headed to the dunes. We had a good walk around the area the naked sunbathers use and found a spot on top of a small dune, Carol felt comfortable with. We laid out our towels and I stripped off and laid down watching Carol pull her long t shirt off and release her 36 inch tits and rub suntan oil over them. My prick started to swell. I told her to rub some oil on my prick but she told me others could see so I had to do it myself. Next to us about 10 foot away were another couple naked laying in the sun. The area they were in was more seculded as it was surrounded by bushes about 3 foot high, with a gap facing us, so I could see them quite clearly. She was lying on her back with massive tits hanging down the side of her body, her partner was lying beside her with his arm on her stomach and appeared to be playing with her pussy.
We were lying in the sun for about an hour, we had both dozed off. I awake to see a bloke standing near the gap, wanking. I stood up and looked over. I could see that the male had now got inbetween the womens legs and was sucking away at her pussy, she came with a loud moan. Carol woke up and asked what the noise was. I told her what was going on and she told me not to ne nosey. I continued watching as the women then rose, she stood up and looked around. The male then stood up. I then saw his erect penis sticking out in front of him, it was about 7 to 8 inches long. I continued to lay on my front and watch. The male wanking then moved back abit and the woman got on her kness and proceeded to give her man a blow job, in full view of the bloke and me. I told Carol what was happening and she looked up from her book she was reading. She commented on the size of his manhood. Carol was laying on her front, I slid my right hand down to her bum as she watched the couple. She spread her legs and I put my hand inside her bikini bottom and found her pussy and slipped a finger in and gently finger fucked her.
The female stopped sucking the bloke and laid back down on her back, the bloke then got inbetween her legs and fucked her. I raised myself up and slid Carol’s bikini bottom off, she did not resist. The bloke wanking then moved into the gap, blocking our view. I stood up and pulled Carol up. I asked her how she felt naked in the sun. She told me she felt ok. We could her the woman moaning and saw the male beckon the other male in. He went into their secluded bit and knelt down by the woman’s head. He had his back to us. I then walked over to the gap to one side and saw the male was being given a blow job by the woman as she was fucked by her partner. This continued for about 5 minutes when the woman’s partner, withdrew and came over her belly. The male she was suckin, then moved over and wanked his prick, coming over her belly as well. He then got up and left. The female stood up and I saw the spunk running down her belly over her pussy. The male got a bottle of water and washed her.
I went back to Carol sporting an erection. She told me to sit beside her and she wanked me off. Nothing more happened with the couple for the rest of the afternnon, but I did go for a walkabout and see more sex action going on. When I got back Carol told me that just after I left a naked male with an erect penis walked up and sat behind her as she was lying on her back sunbathing and asked if he could sit with her, as he wanked his prick in front of her. She told him to go away, but it did turn her on that someone thought she was worth wanking over. She told me that if we got back early tomorrow we might use the other area the couple were in. That night I fucked Carol silly and hoped we could get to the Dunes early in the morning. To be continued.

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