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Standing infront of eachother face to face, Eva gently drags her hands along the sides of Austins hips. Caressing his curves, pulling herself closer to him, She pecks his bottom lip softly pulling away quickly,dragging her finger across them, She begins to suck on his bottom lip,dragging her finger tips along the back of his neck. She can tell Austin is enjoying it as he starts to breathe in and out at a fast pase, with sighs of enjoyment. Opening her mouth a little wider, Eva clamps her teeth down on Austins bottom lip firmly, but softly,pulling and tugging on it. His lips are so lucious and full, She wants to kiss him so bad, but she wont, not yet. Eva then drags the tip of her tongue along both Austins top and bottom lip. He tries to kiss her, but She pulls away teasing him, his soft gentle hands are gliding along the dip on her lower back, down to her round and full ass, he pulls her into his body aggressively. Eva lifts one of her legs up and entwines it around Austin, rubbing up against the side of his hip slowly, kissing his neck, dragging her teeth along it. Austin tilts his head to the side and closes his eyes, letting out deep sighs. Placing both her hands on each side of Austins face, she looks deep into his beautiful green eyes, admiring him and his astonishing features. Biting down on her lip slightly, Eva drags her finger tips along his define face, feeling his silky soft skin against her hands. Eva leans in slowly and gives Austin just one little soft kiss on his plump looking lips, pausing for just a moment, Austin slowly leans in towards Evas face,the warmth of his breath on her lips sends chills throughout her body, kisses her back, sliding his tongue only half ways in, massaging Evas tongue with his own. Eva starts grinding a little harder and faster against Austins hip, digging her red finger nails into the back of his neck. Austin grabs ahold of Evas other leg and pulls her up onto him, still standing up. She pushes her tongue into his mouth more and twirls it around his tongue, feeling his lips pressed against hers sent chills down her spine making her body twitch a little. Austins hands are implanted on each one of Evas lucious ass cheeks, pushing her into him. Moving her hips in a circular motion, Eva grinds her pubic bone into Austin aggresively, letting out little sighs and moans. Austin starts kissing Evas neck, sliding his tongue up and down, taking his finger tips and just slightly dragging them against her pale white skin, goosebumps arise upon her entire body. Eva slides herself off of him and grabs his hand, guiding him over to his bed and pushing him down. Eva gets down on her knees infront of him, sliding her petite hands up his slim thighs , she looks up at him with a sly look on her face and smiles. Eva undoes the button on Austins pants, and unzips them slowly, keeping eye contact with him. She pushes him over so that he’s laying down on his back, lifiting his torso up abit, Eva slides his pants down along his thighs,down his legs, off his feet and tosses them on the floor. She teasingly rubs her hands along his thin,yet extremely defined stomach, watching him lay his head to the side,eyes closed, biting his lip, imagining what will happen next. Evas hands adventure to his crotch, her fingers rub against his already hard cock hiding inside his plaid boxers. He lets out little groans as he grows more and more aroused,his boxers are soaked at the front with pre-cum and now all over Evas finger tips and palms. She sticks out her tongue and drags it along Austins erect cock still inside his boxers. “You taste so fucking good,” She tells him. She slides his boxers off his legs and tosses them on the floor along with his pants. Starting from the bottom of his throbbing shaft Eva slides her tongue up slowly, making her way to the head. Austin starts breathing heavier, letting out soft quiet moans, while her tongue makes its way to the head of his cock, giving little licks, flicking her tongue on it, teasing and tasting every bit of him. she twirls her tongue around in circles, sliding it across her lips. She closes her lips over his warm cock head slightly, sucking a little bit, whilst putting a little pressure on it ,swirling her tongue around it ,while it’s inside her mouth, this feeling makes Austins toes curl and clench up, his heart is racing, about ready to explode out of his chest. Eva pulls it out of her sweet little mouth and starts licking up and down the shaft again, massaging at the same time with both hands, Austins cock just keeps growing bigger and harder. Austins legs are starting to tremble abit, his hands clenching the sheets. Eva starts licking his balls,not missing a spot, then sliding her tongue back up his hard throbbing member. Eventually after teasing him intensely, She slides his cock in her mouth, going all the way down,taking all of him in her mouth. She can feel the head of his cock at the back of her throat, and she can taste all the pre-cum that it’s releasing. She can feel her pussy getting so wet , she slides one of her hands down and starts rubbing her clit through her panties. “Fuck it feels so good.” She exclaimed. she continued sucking on Austins now extremely hard cock pulsing in her mouth, feeling her spit drool down the sides. Eva starts sucking a little faster Austin is moaning louder now, letting out deep breaths, biting down on his lip hard. He’s going insane inside with ecstasy. Pulling himself up, he pulls Eva up by her arms towards him and kisses her hard and passionately, tugging on her hair gently. He pushes Eva over onto her back and starts kissing her chest, lifting her shirt up slowly and kissing her stomach.He makes his wake back up lifting her shirt and bra up, revealing her erect nipples.Austin slowly licks around and round, starting from the outside to the inside of Evas nipples. Using his fingers he flicks them and tugs on them,watching her reactions. He slides back down kissing her stomach making his way to her pubic area, kissing her thighs soflty and rubbing his hands everywhere. Eva looks down at him and grins as he takes her panties into his teeth and pulls them down her long smooth legs. Austin takes his index finger and slides it up and down along Evas wet pussy lips, she movs her hips up and down on the bed, letting out little moans. Slowly Austin slides his tongue ever so gently from the bottom of her pussy crack to the top, pushing his tongue between her lips he can feel her hard throbbing clit on his tongue. “Your pussy tastes so fucking delicious.” He says to Eva while panting with excitment. ” Do you want me to eat this pussy for you, bitch?”
“Tell me what you want.” He said to her.
“I want you to eat my pussy so fucking good baby. mmm” Eva replied to him.
Continuing back to Evas pussy he pushed his tongue inside her lips and started to flick his tongue on her clit, licking up and down in even strokes. She began to moan almost immediately, grasping her hands on Austins hair and pressing his head down. He took his index finger and middle finger and opened up pussy lips to reveal her beautiful pink clitoris. Austin proceeded to drag and flick his tongue all around it, up and down, side to side, inserting one finger inside her, Eva let out a loud moan.
“Oh Austin, eat my pussy baby. Finger fuck me hard, Oh god yes.”
“Yeah baby, I’m gonna make you fucking cum all over my fingers, I wanna taste your sweet pussy juices all over my face” Austin paused to say to her.
He started to finger Eva faster now, rubbing her clit with his fingers,sliding his tongue between her pink lips. Austin suddenly stopped what he was doing and slimbed up towards Evas face, kissing her and letting her taste herself on his lips. She pushes him over onto his back again and straddles her legs over him, leaning down and kissing him once again. His lips were the most amazing she had ever seen and felt, se loved kissing him and feeling his lips all over her body. Eva took hold of his cock in her hand and rubbed it on her clit, teasing both him and her. As soon as she was sopping wet, she gently slid the tip of the head in first,lowering herself down onto him. Austin leaned his head and let out excessive moans, Evas pussy was so tight, it was tugging at his cock, making that cum want to come out without barely any work. She began to ride up and down on him, grinding her hips into him, she could feel him deep inside her warm hole. Eva started to ride Austin a little faster and harder, she wanted it so bad, but didn’t wanna rush it. He grasped onto her hips and pulled her back and forth on his cock, helping her ride him. Using her thumbs and index fingers she tilted her head back and pinched her nipples, twisting them and tugging on them as she rode that handsome man she had always dreamt of being with. Both of them were moaning so loud now, breathing heavier than they had in a long time, their hearts racing a hundred miles per hour. Austin pulled her off slowly and bent her over, he inserted his cock into dripping wet pussy and began to pump into her. He slapped Evas ass cheeks , making them a nice rosey red. She loved it, she wanted him to show her who was in control and he made it clear to her. He started going faster, leaning his body over onto her back, rubbing her breasts and pushing himself deep inside her. He kissed her back and shoulders, sliding his tongue along her soft skin, smelling her sweet perfume. He grabbed a hold of her hair and tugged her head back, hard enough to turn her on,but gentle enough not to hurt her. Austin could feel it deep inside him, he wanted to cum so bad, he wanted her to taste him and she wanted the same thing too. Before it was too late, he leaned over to her ear and told her.
“I’m gonna cum soon, where do you want it”
“I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to feel that fucking hot cum shooting down my pretty little throat. I wanna taste you and having you lingering on my tongue for hours.” She replied to him trying to control herself.
Austin continued jamming his cock in her pussy, holding on to her hips tightly. She started moaning his name so loud, the neighbors would beable to hear it a mile away. She wanted it so hard and so fast, she wanted him to make her cum all over his cock.
“Fuck me Austin, fuck me as hard as you can!” she screamed out.
Austin shouted out alot of “oh fucks” and “Oh my gods” as he tried to last longer inside her. The feeling was like no other he had felt, her pussy was literally grabbing onto his cock and jerking it off. It was the most amazing feeling ever,and he didn’t want it to end. They were both so close to orgasiming, moaning and sweating. He pumped a few more times and he knew it, he couldn’t hold it in any longer, he had to cum right now. He pulled out his cock and moved towards Evas face, she stuck her tongue awaiting his sweet man juices, rubbing her pussy with her hand she was ready to cum as well. Austin let out a huge groan and came all over Evas tongue, there was so much , it was dripped down her lips and along her chest. She came at the exact same time as him, her legs were shaking, trying to keep her balance, they both let out little moans of relief. She swallowed every last bit of his cum and even licked it off her lips, after licking her pussy juices off her fingers. They both laid there, no clothes, no worries, and cuddled while they fell asleep.

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Ahead of time;SORRY FOR ANY MISTAKES. I KNOW THERES ALOT OF ‘EM ,BUT I WROTE THIS IN LIKE 25 MINS. SO BARE WITH ME HERE. :]<br>Theres this guy I like alot and well I like writing eroctic stories. Anyway.. I asked if he wanted me to write him one and he said yeah. So this is it.Sorry it’s so long and, to those think it shouldve been longer, i don’t like to drag my work on. Enjoy :]

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